Employee video – the future of talent acquisition | EB Talks, April 26th

“With employee videos, you simply let your employees be your communication funnel towards the talent market.” Using video as your main source of content has been somewhat of a megatrend for a while now. Video makes our brain feel and engage so much more than – for example – imagery and text. We have all …

EBS 2021Speaker

Introducing speaker #3 EBS 2021: Anna Fredrixon from Kry / Livi

It’s time to introduce our third act on September 22nd: Anna Fredrixon from Kry / Livi.  SAVE A SEAT FOR THE SUMMIT 👋 Employer Branding Summit is a digital and free event gathering international speakers within employer branding and recruitment. Every couple of years, an innovation comes along that fundamentally disrupts the current praxis. One could easily argue that Apple …