We’re beyond excited to introduce Therése Treutiger from Microsoft as our first speaker on September 22nd .

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How many of you would say that you’ve met someone since you’ve talked over Teams? Quite many, right? Of course, we’ve met – we’ve seen and talked to each other, right? Do you think your answer would have been the same two years ago? To go from on-site to remote to flexible means changing how we operate and how we define our workplace. Two years ago, many considered remote working and video conference calls as slightly exotic (maybe even annoying?) occurrences. Nowadays, the digital meeting is part of our daily routine and the differences between a digital and on-site meeting are blurred – much like the distinction between office desks and kitchen tables.

How will the workplace of tomorrow look?

Microsoft has made the leap from desk and chairs to flexible and digital. In the past, the office space was a space made for collaboration – nowadays it’s also a place where you practise self-leadership and continuous learning. Your boss is no longer lurking behind the coffee machine, she or he is a digital stone’s throw away and ready to support and give you the right tools to do your job. How has this affected the role of leaders in the organisation? Has EQ become the new expertise that leaders must learn? What new demands have arisen among job seekers? How will hierarchy and power structures look in the future?

The last 1,5 years have brought changes that none of us could imagine (we all know what we’re referring to here, there’s no need to say it aloud). Many companies ask themselves: How does the workplace of tomorrow look? Will our employees be content with coming back to the office? Could this be a temporary change gone too far?

Whilst the change from office-office to home office sprung from a need to stop a contagious disease from killing off our friends and colleagues; the transition back will be more fluent and take place over an extended period – if it happens at all.

The new tomorrow

Therése Treutiger from the IT giant Microsoft unwraps and discusses the question about the workplace of tomorrow, how we are inevitably changing the way we work and how this affects the leadership therein. From the perspective of an IT company, we can learn how to switch from on-site to flexible and how tech talents are affected. During Employer Branding Summit on September 22nd, Therése will take us on a journey through the workplace of tomorrow, the new leadership and the war for talent within IT; ending with three tips on how to make the transition from traditional to flexible and digital.

Welcome, save your seat today (it’s free).

About Therése

Therése Treutiger has a solid background in the telecom business, and experience from media and retail. In 2015 she joined Microsoft and today she’s Microsoft Sweden’s Director Innovation & Commercial Partner.

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