At the end of the day, great employer branding serves as rocket fuel for your recruitment processes and evidently affects your business’ bottom-line success. 

We all know it – especially you who are here in the capacity of HR, recruitment, or company leader. YOU. KNOW. THIS. In fact, LinkedIn shares yearly stats noting the apparent fact that employer branding can equate to millions of euros in savings and reduced time to recruit.

Change brings on change – the importance of employer branding

The Big Quit shook employers worldwide and has left a huge fear of missing out on the secrets of creating an employer brand that encourages employees to stay within your organisation. We’re certain that you are aware of this and have thought about it a lot. After all, you clicked the article and read up to this point. We get it; we all could use an energy drink in the form of inspiration from some employer branding experts.

There’s no room for denying that a firmly entrenched and communicated employer brand makes a tremendous impact in attracting and recruiting the right talents. But are you aware of the equally great impact on actually retaining your all-star team?

HR professionals know that if an employee leaves before a certain time, it’ll be considered an expense to the company. While smaller companies may reach breakeven in nine months, larger companies may take as long as two years. Regardless of your numbers, the key is to find the best way to retain the talent for as long as possible, not only to reduce the costs but also to ensure the balance in team dynamics. When turnover is high, employee productivity suffers, and moreover your company’s bottom line.

Linkedin shows numbers that clearly point out the fundamental impact that employer branding has on your business. Let’s take a look.

Numbers don’t lie! A strong talent brand directly influences the company’s overall success – so that you can reach higher quality both faster and more profitable. Now let’s have a look at how your employer branding impacts the candidate attraction.

So, how can you take control over your employer turnover?

Are you interested in finding your company’s end of the employer branding rainbow? What if we could point you in the right direction? Gather your pot of gold through tools and tips from some of the leaders within the subject – all in order to start or continue building your organisation’s authentic employer brand.

Join us and deep dive into employer branding with fellow experts and industry colleagues.

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